Sarah’s portrait for Teens :) Unite Fighting Cancer - 'Nobody likes the ‘C’ word'


In the last few years I have volunteered my skills for a worthy cause - Teens Unite: - a charity which supports young people fighting cancer "to live their best life, while others find a cure” - and they are fantastic.

I donated a prize of a 'head and shoulders' portrait to be painted by me, to be auctioned at a fund-raisingevening. Some time later Sarah contacted me to say she had made the winning bid!

Sarah has a sharp sense of humour and when I asked her how she would like to be portrayed, she quickly replied “make me look like a goddess!”

Well I think the finished painting certainly portrays a face that wouldn’t look out of place in the fabled halls of Valhalla or Olympus and her friends agree: “GOD!” they exclaimed when they saw it - so I guess I succeeded!!!

Rory Tyger 2020