'Frank Gardner OBE' - a rather large portrait.

I have spent several months since the exhibition working on a portrait of the well known BBC Security Correspondant, Frank Gardner.

The idea for the composition came to me after I visited Frank's appartment. There is a huge main room, with two of the wallsmade entirely of glass and positioned all around on thefurnitureand remaining walls is a fascinating collection of artifacts and souvenirs from Frank's travels around the world. I felt that including these somehow would tell an interesting story. Rather than placing the object conventionally in the background, I decided to float them abstractly in an effort to convey the feeling I got when I first walked into the room. This painting has made it into the final round of the BP Awards Portrait Competition 2015, so I would like to keep it under wraps for the time being. Therefore on this page I am just putting a series of photos briefly documenting the development of this painting up to the final delivery to the NPG repository…

IMG 4030

Rory Tyger 2020